Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nurses of the Century

Truly, the only way I've survived this week with a sense of humor and purpose despite the discomfort, pain, and uncertainty is with the help of a pair of dedicated nurses, both named Pam. One is Pam H., the other goes by PB since she is also a Pam H!

I've been fortunate to have them as my primary nurses all week.

They do their job efficiently, compassionately, and laugh at my feeble attempts at jokes, all with patience and grace.

Yesterday one of the patients was a mentally challenged person who caused several issues on the floor. Pam and PB both dealt with her the same way they dealt with all of their patients: professionally, courteously, and efficiently. And they kept their sense of humor.

The aides, particularly Charleen and Becky, have been great too. Today Becky washed my hair - rinse, repeat - and PB figured out the phone well enough to shoot these pictures!


  1. nice hair. maybe you should sport a mohawk as you recuperate...

  2. Why is your head in the bed pan?

    Faux hawk is so you Chili! That with tat you will be a mack daddy!