Monday, March 23, 2009

Home - Day 1

I actually slept without sweating! I didn't have to call the aides three times a night to change my sheets because they were soaked with sweat. I even dreamed about water pouring down my head!

I woke after 7 whole hours of uninterrupted sleep. Smelled the coffee mom made, I started making oatmeal with the usual eggs and honey. I couldn't quite finish before feeling faint and sitting down. But it's the first morning after all.

Made up a chart with my exercises, another with the medications, called the docs for appointments, and contacted the home health care provider. Mom found me some funny movies at the library so I'll watch those this afternoon.

After exercises, now, I'm writing this, and considering a nap. The therapy is going to wear me out, but it's just like my regular cycling program, just a little more painful!

Thanks for all of comments, visits, cards, and calls this past week. I feel loved and missed. Thank you.


  1. Paul- good to hear you're home! As I said at FMLH yesterday, follow the PT to the letter, and it'll all come out fine.

    Not sure if you've been alert/awake enough to watch the news, but in a huge race in Spain, Armstrong got in a nasty crash, and broke his collarbone. He's done biking for months... 'tis the season?


  2. I'm commenting to comment. Because you will know what I'm mean without really meaning anything at all.
    BTW, LA is only out for 4-6 weeks.

  3. Holy Crap I can not escape LA talk. I wish he was done for the season....

    Anyway glad you are back at home Paul! As always let me know if you need anything.

  4. Hi Paul - Great that you are home now at last. And nurse Johanna to spoil you and making coffee - the Dutch way?
    We remember you as that sweet litlle boy - sitting in the garden with our puppies ( they were just born when you arrived from Wisconsin - do you remember? )
    Well actually who is spoiling who at the moment ????

    Give her and yourself all the love you both need
    And please tell your Mom that we'll phone tonight or tomorrow
    Love Geke