Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Old Dudes Over 40 Still Ride; See Video!

Most of the people I ride with are getting a little older.

And by older, I mean at least over 40.

And by over 40, I mean sometimes over 50.

We complain about not recovering as quickly, about our bones not mending as fast when they break, about the lack of time in our busy lives.

But we still ride. As much as we can.

Like these guys.

People over 40 who just love to ride their bicycles. Even if it means we're a little sore the next day! also published some tips about how to stay fit and strong on your bicycle as you age.

Lots has been written about training for older adults, doing more intervals, less long, slow, distance, getting in the gym more.

We adapt to changing bodies and changing lifestyles. On the warm spring days, we check with our spouses and go ride for as many hours as we can.

Want to ride?

Monday, February 15, 2016

Will Your Next Bike Be 3-D Printed?

Dutch students at Delft University have created a fully-functional bicycle out of steel using a 3-D printer. Here's the BikeRumor story.

The motivation behind building this bike was to demonstrate the potential within a new method of 3-D printing metal objects using a welding process, a concept the Delft University of Technology has been researching on a broader scope. It is the world’s first bike to be 3-D printed using this new welding-based technique.

It's not the first 3-D printed bicycle, though. This bike earned the creators the 2015 Eurobike Award for its bio-degradable, compostable frame.

And this designer is making plans for a carbon-fiber 3-D printed bike!

These guys decided to just make lugs for the bike using a 3-D printer. Maybe they should talk with the Dutch students!

This is clearly a technology not quite ready for the mainstream. But perhaps the time is coming when you can get a fully-customized frame made up of some composite material that is light, stiff, and usable in all conditions!