Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mostly Good News from the Docs

In the first follow up visit, the orthopedic doctors at Froedert gave me almost all good news.

1. The stitches and staples are all out!

2. The dressing for the laceration to the side of my leg is gone now. The bad thing is that laceration looks worse than ever, but is actually healing well. I'll keep it covered when I go out in public!

3. Jennifer, Dr. Schmeling's PA, said it was very likely I'd be able to teach again after spring break! WOO-WOO!!!

4. Jennifer also said I was able to drive. That only means I need to switch vehicles with someone for a few weeks because my car is a stick shift. I love the stick shift, but as long as I keep racing - and falling over - I'm not sure it was a smart purchase!

5. No weight bearing on the leg for a few more weeks, but Jennifer said I can exercise it a lot. (I didn't tell her I was already doing that!)

6. Prescribed therapy for my leg: CYCLING!! (Yes, Mr. Principal, I need Wednesday off so I can ride 80 miles in the warm sun. Doctor's orders!)

7. Stupid cast came off my thumb. Every once in a while, I bump it against something and it stings, but it doesn't hurt much at all. No cast, no nothing!

8. My ankle, which was hurt when the television fell on it (don't ask!), is okay, just tender.

9. The only "negative" news from the morning is the shoulder. Apparently the muscles over the ball end of my arm bone are moving off the bone slightly. Dr. Grindel, who is also a cyclist!, wasn't thrilled to see the muscle, but didn't think surgery would be required. He ordered a CT scan for Thursday to see if there is any other damage.

I was doing a happy dance in my wheelchair this morning. Honestly, I was very nervous this morning, worried that everything was wrong. It is a huge relief to know that the healing is moving along nicely.

It's going to be a long process, and I may never have the same strength in my left leg. But man, when I get back in my classroom and on my bike, it's going to be glorious!


  1. so happy for you! =]

  2. "can't go back to work until September" - pshaw. them doctors, they don't know my brother. a week later it's all "yeah, go back tomorrow, why not"
    I'll trade cars with you... any chance, my '94 toyota for your '08 nissan??

  3. Paul-- Dr G was the same guy who repaired my torn rotator cuff and other issues my shoulder had, all in that one surgery. He's good- and it all turned out 100%.