Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer Poems #2, #3

Mabel Loves Her Mom’s Cupcakes

When she makes the chocolate ones,
she adds a real-butter cream cheese frosting
on top, the kind Mabel loves. And Mabel,
being 9, doesn’t care about fat, only cares
that her mom sometimes adds chocolate chunks
to the cupcake batter. She lets Mabel use
the mixmaster to blend and a spatula to clean
the sides. She lets her husband lick the bowl.
And she always makes extra when she
has a party order and when those cupcakes
bake, she mixes the frosting with
one block of cream cheese,
one stick of butter,
a lot of powder sugar,
and just a teaspoon of vanilla.
Her mom has to make extra frosting since
Mabel will eat it right from the bowl.
That frosting is Mabel’s favorite part.

All My Eggs In One Basket

Half the eggs in my basket
cracked, spilling yolk off the cliff
until a whir of creamy river
cascaded into the valleys
of blackberries. My mother
ground the eggshells into a fine
powder, added it to a chocolate
milkshake. I drank deeply, licking
the inside edge for every last
drop, holding the remaining
eggs safely.

Monday, September 12, 2011

New Poems: Understanding the Human-Reptile Relationship

Understanding the Human-Reptile Relationship

There are leaves on that turtle,
he only eats them while
slowly making his way across the road.
Does he know he’s in mortal peril? Cars
race past, oblivious to the plodding pace
or the intricate design on his belly,
unaware that this turtle is a superhero
in turtle town, having made the trip across
County Highway G on four separate
occasions just to get upstream and float
down to his cheering pals. No, the humans
do not hear the cheering throngs
on this side of the road. Neither,
for that matter, does the turtle,
being, as he is, in the zone,
one step at a time.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Parts for Sale

Building up a cross bike? 

Parts For Sale List
Contact: Paul Warloski (
I can bring parts to races or meet you.

FSA Energy 42cm road handlebars $30
TRP Magnesium brake set $150
SRAM Force brake set $40
Specialized Phenom saddle 143 $40
3T ARX-Pro Stem 120mm $25
FSA OS99 stem 120mm $15
SRAM Force compact crankset 50/34 175mm $140
SRAM Force front clamp-on derailleur $30
Thule wheel holders with notch (4) $20 each. Nearly new.

Make Offer:
Shimano 500EX brake set (well-used)
Fizik Arione saddle (well-used)
Dura-Ace crank set 53-39 172.5 (well-used)
American Classic seat post 27.4 (well-used)
Speedplay Zero pedals blue (well-used)
Dura-Ace clamp-on front derailleur (well-used)
Ultegra rear derailleur (well-used)
10-speed chains 2 (well-used)
9-speed chain 1 (well-used)
CBX Pro cowhorn TT bars with Profile Design brakes, profile design extensions with Shimano bar-end shifters. (well-used)
Three ancient but usable roof rack trays (well-used)
Yakima towers (4) for Nissan Versa (compact)
Yakima bars (2) for Nissan Versa (compact)
Yakima fairing
Front Wheel: Mavic Reflex Rim with Chris King hub that needs overhaul. (well-used and ancient)
Rear Wheel: Mavic Open Pro Rim with 105 hub (well-used and ancient)