Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Normal Day at the Office

Some sense of routine has begun in home recovery. Mom made coffee this morning, while I actually made my oatmeal. Did the exercises, some school work, at lunch, tried to sleep a bit, more reading and school work, dinner later, then a movie while I do workout session #2.

Jay the PT came yesterday. I asked the health care company for an athlete. I got it. He works part time at a sports med clinic. He didn't think there was any reason I couldn't return to the kids after Easter. He likes to be active with treatment, pushing the patient.

I told him he came to the right place. I was thrilled with the no-nonsense approach. As he left, he said he looked forward to "kicking your, I mean I look forward to seeing you Thursday." Those are sweet words.

Whatever I do now just gets me back walking that much sooner. I can't wait to walk down to the village, get a raspberry scone from Great Harvest and a coffee from Broad Street and see my kids everywhere.

Jackie the neighbor brought Caden and Caleb over with some cool artwork and the magic helmet. (See separate post)

Thanks to friend Kristin for sending me the sacred brownies, to neighbors Sean and Heidi for the fruit, and to seriously cool neighbors Jackie and Katie for setting up the house and providing movies. Tonight, mom and I start with "Cars!"

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