Saturday, April 4, 2009

CT scans of my leg after surgery

This picture freaks me out a bit. You can see bone fragments. The report said the fragments are in the right place to heal. The lines you see are tubes, etc, used during the surgery.

I'm guessing the pins are by my knee, not my hip since there are no cuts near the hip.

This definitely looks like the knee. Maybe that's why it's so stiff!

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  1. your mother has loved the previous photo, of your walker, but I think these are interesting, to see how they put your leg back together. you're right, the bone fragments are odd - what happens to them, do they just go away or what? can you feel them, are they lumpy?
    the second to last photo is the worst I think, in terms of showing how bad the break was. looks like a badly cut jigsaw puzzle.
    glad they could put humpty dumpty back together....