Friday, April 17, 2009

And the doctor said...

You may return to school on Monday.

You may ride the stationary bike.

You may put 50 percent of your weight on your leg.

WOO-WOO. Nothing but good news today from Jennifer Johnson, PA for Dr. Schmeling. I love this woman!!!

So Monday I can return to school full-time. I need to have my crutches and/or the wheelchair available. I'm planning on making the kids move around anyway!

She wants me to ride the bike for therapy! So tomorrow morning I drive up to the gym and sit on the recumbent for as long as I can take it. I'd truly never thought I'd be excited to ride a recumbent at the gym in sunny weather!

And for the next two weeks, Jennifer wants me to use 50 percent of my weight on my left leg and progress to full weight after that as long as there is no pain near the fracture site.

I cannot tell you how stoked I am. It's tangible proof that healing is happening.

Some friends of my parents' visited me in Eau Claire last week. We talked about the crash and recovery. I talked about physical therapy and how the process of therapy does not seem challenging at all.

I don't mean that to sound boastful, like I'm tougher than others. Athletes who train their bodies push themselves so far. Most of us have trained so hard that we puke.

I bring the same attitude to physical therapy. It's just another workout. And I'm going to push it, just like any other workout on the bike.

I hope the therapists at the new outpatient PT facility understand this mentality. I'm going to push myself harder than you'll ever push me. Just show me how, and let me go.

On July 5, Eau Claire is hosting a mountain bike race called the Firecracker. It's at Lowes Creek Park where I've ridden, skied, or run since I was a boy. That's my goal: to ride that race, at least as a citizen. I plan to start riding outside in a month and by July hope to have a little bit of fitness.

Big step today. I'm excited and ready for the next phase of healing. My friend Chris, a chiropractor, said the next step is "beat the crap out of my leg" to help break up the scar tissue and strengthen and mobilize the leg.

In the words of retiring John Madden: "Boom!"


  1. WOW That is great news Paul.


  2. Wow that is great news Paul. Keep it going and see you on the road soon.

  3. PW,

    I thought I was excited to get back to school tomorrow, and then I read your post. After every dark night there is a dawn. Ride on, brother!

  4. Paul:
    I've been reading about your accident and recovery.
    I went down about 2 days after you did and have been
    going through much of the same. I'm 49 yrs old and
    went down hard avoiding a crash in front of me on a team training ride. I had a bad break of femoral neck and they put in 3(4inch)screws to put me back together. I was on the trainer for first time yesterday for 40 min and it felt great. No pain in the hip just tight. I saw your post to Blake Caldwell about pool therapy and plan to go tonite of tmrw and try it out. How long do you spend in the water and what do you do?
    I hope to start physical therapy next week after my second follow up appt with DR.
    Keep up the good work with your recovery.

    All the best,