Thursday, July 30, 2009

We Need to Share the Road With Morons Like This?

Read the second letter to the editor in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
Seriously? I'm supposed to share the road with this guy? He wants me to ride on a trainer or a bike path? I'm a road hog?
Please. As a non-"professional" cyclist, I share my road with cars every day. I take up a few feet on the side of the road. True, there are group rides.
Maybe I allow the cars to alter traffic around me.
Maybe the cars should move over and stay off the roads.
Maybe the future tragedies can be prevented when morons like this remember we all get to use the same roads.
As a guy who now has intimate knowledge of what happens when cars don't see cyclists, it'd be nice to think even people like letter writer Terry Smith of Waukesha might learn to share the road.
Or maybe he's jealous of how good I look in spandex...

1 comment:

  1. Holy Suck It Terry Smith! Do yo really believe the roads were only made for titanic SUV. Shame on you Terry, my dog has more brain power than you, and he smells other dogs butts!