Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Next Stage; Good Weekend

No, not of the Tour. That's over, thank god. Now we can focus on the real racing that comes in September! Yes, cyclocross. What else matters? Road and mountain bikes are just good training.

Superweek is over, so my house is now empty. Jonathan left yesterday, Daniel this morning. Jonathan had a forgettable Superweek. He doesn't much like crits, preferring stage races with long climbs and tough TTs. Plus he got sick with a persistent cold while here.
On the last day, racing in Whitefish Bay, he crashed hard, ending up in the Froedert Hospital ER. He had ripped a large gash from his left forearm, cutting down to the bone. We got home around 1 a.m., then he packed, slept a few hours, and took a taxi to the airport at 5:30 a.m. Rough way to race a bike for a living.

My weekend was considerably better. A few days in Eau Claire, visiting the family, including grandma Irene, the 94 year old from Nebraska. Nephew Lucas is still recovering from his broken leg. We saw Harry Potter and agreed it was a good transition movie, and the next ones would be good.
Kate and I went down to Viroqua over the weekend. I got there early to try out the new Specialized Stumpie 29er hardtail. Whoa. Sweet ride on some sweet trails in Sidie Hollow Park. My former student Savanah and her family helped create the trails. Savanah's uncle and aunt own Blue Dog cycles in Viroqua. Very cool shop, very cool people.
Saturday morning was the Butter Churn ride, put on by folks associated with Organic Valley. More beautiful countryside, long climbs up the ridges, great descents. Savanah rode with us, but she tired by the end, riding a mountain bike with knobby tires! How can you beat a 20 mile tour in beautiful country when there are two rest stops, plus organic chocolate milk at the finish?
You beat it with the Kickapoo Country Fair! Brett Dennen performed under a rainbow with the earthy crunchies from around the state and country dancing. Loads of fun.

Needless to say, I'm beat today. The bike shop was slow both Sunday and Monday. Time for a ride now. The new stage begins Aug. 1, whether I'm ready or not. Coach Crusty will start sending me programs that I'll adapt as I need to in order to keep PT Kim happy.

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