Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Still, it was 48 degrees

Crusty is all happy about 60s for three days. We in Cheeseland have to settle for one day above 45. But still it was beautiful out. It didn't smell like spring like that last 50 degree day in February, but still.

It was a shame Crusty had me scheduled for a rest week this week. I was itchy to go fly up some hills and crush some pedals. But I'm patient. Just waiting. Seven more months until the real season starts. Another two months until the preparation racing.

But I just want to ride. I talked to a guy named Tim today who I met on the road. He's returning to riding from a nasty collision with a drunk old lady in a car. He suffered a broken collarbone (broken from the sternum), three broken ribs, broken teeth, and a finger that snapped in two and is now pinned together. Tim was just happy to be riding today.

Then I checked all the broken bones on me, reminded myself they were all healed and that I have some sweet scars for stories.

Crusty, you may see me at your door Friday night if it's still warm Saturday. Gonna be cold here.

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