Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our Super Bowl

The cyclocross world's Super Bowl took place this morning when Niels Albert, a 22-year-old Belgian, took off in the first lap of the elite men's championship and rode away from the field.

It was a stunning display of power and strength from Albert, who just two months ago, was lying in the hospital with a ruptured spleen.

Mike Heenan graciously offered the big screen at Crankdaddy's for the My Wife Inc family to watch the race. He cooked extra tasty ginger waffles with blueberries. The waffles helped me ski harder and longer than usual out at Lapham today! Thanks Mike.

All I could think about was how many times Albert jumped out of the saddle and how much of a time trial his ride was. Training for cross requires a lot of strength, tactical practice, and a million jumps. Bring it on!

I don't care much - actually at all - who wins the super bowl. I can watch the ads tomorrow.

I'd much rather have temps in the 50s and some good friends to go ride all afternoon. What's the groundhog going to say?

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