Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crazy Nephews and Niece

These are the coolest nephews and niece ever: Jonah has the greenish coat, Simon has the yellow hat, Ellie is buried in the back, and Lucas has the red coat and pretends to be dead. Maybe he is dead because one of his siblings just farted...

We went for a walk in Lowes Creek Park this afternoon. Really it was more of how many times they tried to tackle me or each other, how many times we threw snowballs, and how much snow went down our necks. We had a great time walking through the woods and sliding on our butts down the hills.

When we left, I let Lucas drive out of the parking lot. Jonah refused to drive in the car and walked! My sister and brother in law are going to have some fun when these kids are all teenagers!

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