Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coach Crusty

Coach Crusty must be seriously worried about Old Man Chili crushing his skinny self next fall in the cross races. His training program for the Old Man is brutal. Today was and hour and a half in the gym with special attention to cleans, and then another hour on the bike, with a 45 minute tempo interval.

Seriously, the Old Man is not complaining. He loves it. Coach Crusty is pushing him way beyond limits he traditionally has in January. After today, Old Man's legs are noodles, and his next step is his bed and a long sleep.

And he's not riding his bike for the next three days! Just rest and ski and lift. The Old Man's waiting for spring.

But when Old Man Chili catches Coach Crusty in a young dude's race this fall, he's going to push Coach off the course into a mud pit and then laugh for a long, long time...

1 comment:

  1. First you have to catch crusty!
    Second you have to be able to push him over!
    Third you will be too tired by the time you catch crusty!