Monday, September 12, 2011

New Poems: Understanding the Human-Reptile Relationship

Understanding the Human-Reptile Relationship

There are leaves on that turtle,
he only eats them while
slowly making his way across the road.
Does he know he’s in mortal peril? Cars
race past, oblivious to the plodding pace
or the intricate design on his belly,
unaware that this turtle is a superhero
in turtle town, having made the trip across
County Highway G on four separate
occasions just to get upstream and float
down to his cheering pals. No, the humans
do not hear the cheering throngs
on this side of the road. Neither,
for that matter, does the turtle,
being, as he is, in the zone,
one step at a time.


  1. like it a lot. I still think you sometimes break lines in odd places - 'cars' should be on the next line to my mind - but this is a keeper.

  2. Love this one!! Definitely a keeper :)