Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fire Sale to Finance My Cyclocross Habit

I just sat down to figure out my finances for cyclocross this year. With two new bikes, new components, and new wheels coming, it's time for a fire sale!

Please contact me at for information!

Blue Norcross Lg (58cm TT)Excellent. Used as A race bike for about 30 races.900
Waterford R-33 (gold/orange) 58 cm (57 cm TT)Two years old. Several paint chips. Frame in great condition. Chris King headset. Carbon fork.1,200

PartMy priceQuantity
SRAM Pg-1070 12-23 Cassette40 each2
force Brake Calipers

TRP Magnesium Cross brakes

f-1; r-1

f-1; r-1
Double Tap Levers2300
Rear Derailleur650
PC-1091 Chain202
Compact Crankset 50/341401
Crankset 53/391400
Front Derailleur Clamp-on301
FSA Energy bars 42cm301
Thomsen Elite seatpost 31.6451
FSA AL7050 stem 120151
3T Rx-Pro stem 120251
Specialized Phenom saddles 143

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