Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear Gov. Walker: This is what happens to 7th grade teachers...

Dear Gov. Walker,

This is what can happen to me after a long day of teaching 7th graders. I imagine it's similar to working with the legislators in some way!

My task was simple at the end of the day: Get to the dentist for a routine cleaning. It had been a long day with my kids. Lots of challenges, lots of feeling like I need a lot more me's to help all these kids.

I left with plenty of time, out to 894 to head north to Shorewood. I had never been to Dr. Hart, but he has sponsored a bike team and races for years, and I wanted to support him.

Oops. 894 heading north is closed! So I drove down to the airport and around to head back north, adding 15 minutes to the trip. I was going to make it, but it was going to be close.

I drove a little quickly, still thinking about the kids and what I could be doing to help them want to use their brains more to be more creative, have more fun learning.

I was thinking so much that I headed to Madison instead of heading north on 43. And there was a traffic disaster ahead.

Not sure why I see the more inconsiderate people on highways than anywhere else.

I called the friendly people at Dr. Hart's office to let them officially know I'd be late. I hit some more traffic on 43 north, but made it to Capital and exited. The iphone gave me good directions, and I turned north on Oakland.

I read the street signs for Lake Bluff, found it, and turned left, only to realize there was a stoplight at the intersection and it had already turned red. Oops. No cars in the intersection, and I was only going to be 15 minutes late as long as I didn't ....

that's right: get pulled over. As soon as I saw the police vehicle behind me with lights flashing, I seriously started to laugh.

The Shorewood officer, though, was very kind. He must have known I was a teacher of 7th graders after looking at my face. Apparently we're supposed to have our insurance cards in our car as well (not sure I ever got mine from WEA), but I didn't.

The officer only gave me a citation for no insurance card and graciously ignored the red light issue!

Then Dr. Hart's office was wonderful. Good man, good staff, quality service.

I bought some tasty food at Outpost at the end of the adventure, and now I'm cooking up a chicken, red pepper, and asparagus dish with red wine sauce over brown rice. Yum.

And Gov. Walker, I know you're a busy man, but guess what I'm doing when I finish my dinner?

You got it! Grading papers!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Aww poor warloski.... Always thinking about your students... such a deticated teacher.... And the best literacy teacher EVA!!!!!!

    HP ROXZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!