Saturday, November 6, 2010


I discovered my big gear today.

And although I still didn't feel good, I was much faster at Estabrook Park, the 8th WCA race of the series. Beat a couple of guys who are strong TTs on the road. But I don't think either one was feeling his best today. There's definite improvement.

I'm beginning to think Crusty and Herman were right in that the more races I have in my legs, the faster I'll get. And everyone else is starting to slow down after a long road or mountain bike season.

Maybe there's hope for me yet this year!

Last weekend, I had a good race at Washington Park on Saturday and a so-so race in Madison at Warner Park Sunday. Thanks to the city of Madison to let WCA hold a cross race for the first time in a city park!

I'm getting sad the season is already more than half over. There are only three WCA races left, another three Chicago races, and Jingle Cross in Iowa. That's it.

Can't wait for nationals to extend our season. Even if it is in the middle of the damn winter.

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