Thursday, June 4, 2009

We'll Try This Again

I already wrote one entry today about my visit to Dr. Grindel. It was a frustrated angry screed about the driver of the truck.

But I got a text from a friend who I'm visiting this weekend about perspective. So I took down the post and writing this instead. I kept the screed as a reminder of a bottom point. But now I'm okay.

Here's the news: Grindel said I need to wear the sling with a cushion for another four weeks.

In another eight weeks, so three months from today in September, I can start full on strength training.

In the coming four weeks, I should take the sling off often during the day to stretch and move the shoulder. I should do several passive movments to stretch including putting my arm on a kitchen counter and moving my body away from it to relax it.

In the following two months, I can do more therapy and begin to put my hand on my bike handlebars inside on the trainer.

The planned July 5 "comeback" race in Eau Claire at the Firecracker mountain bike race is off for me. Grindel said, "no, no way."

"That's a serious no way?"

"No way."

Alright then.

He did show me some of the radiology of the operation. I didn't understand any of it, but saw what a rotator cuff shouldn't look like (it was all frayed like a disintegrating rope); a dissolvable half hook thing that looks like a curtain holder, used to hold other tissue in the labrum (the cartilage around your shoulder) together.

He also showed me the tunnels he dug with a "crochet needle" into which he sutured the bone back into place.

So now I'm left with an uncertain summer. I'm working part-time for Crankdaddy's, which will be awesome. I'm writing poetry and a book proposal and article about teaching. I'll continue to train and do therapy as hard and often as I can. And finally I'll do some traveling about the state, particularly up to Eau Claire and my parents' cabin.

I knew there would be rough moments in the recovery. And this was certainly the worst so far.

My potential comebacks are now:
Aug. 2 Crystal Ridge mountain bike race
Aug. 9 state time trial
Aug. 16 River Falls mountain bike race
Aug. 30 Suamico mountain bike race

But now I'm off to see Kim the wonderful physical therapist.


  1. I'll get you some carbon fiber accessories for the recumbent at the gym so you can feel better about riding a stationary recumbent...

  2. "In another eight weeks, so three months from today in September"

    Is it eight weeks or 3 months?

  3. Mike, four weeks plus eight weeks equals 12 weeks. Also known as three months...